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Top 10 NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata 2023

Even though there is ample example of students who get a decent ranking in the NEET test without training, joining a coaching center works on their odds of coming out on top. There are more than hundreds of NEET Coaching Classes in Kolkata that you can join to further develop your NEET Preparation in 2023.

But, there is not a viable alternative for the best coaching centers for NEET that offer you the best training facilities with highly experienced faculties. This is the way to appear in the examination that will improve your possibilities and assist you with improvements in the result.

It is undeniable fact that the better training you get, the higher opportunities you will get for progress. Nonetheless, every student has their necessities. So ensure you pick the best NEET training centers in Kolkata that are appropriate for you because of the workforce experience, course charges, distance from your home, and your assets and shortcomings in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Luckily, there is a huge number of coaching centers coordinating the blossoming competitors towards the way of triumph. Kolkata, perhaps the most presumed place for training and focus, is additionally notable for its NEET preparation classes with the most all-around prepped faculties showing its students alongside keeping a more significant level of precision.

In this article, we will provide you with comprehension of the Top 10 Coaching Institutes in Kolkata which are giving a stage where the students get Excellent Quality of Education under the direction of expert and experienced instructors that will assist its students in various Competitive Levels Examinations like NEET, AIIMS, and other important medical entrance courses.

Table Of Contents
  1. Why is Choose The Best NEET Coaching Institutes from Kolkata in 2023?
  2. Top NEET Coaching Centers In Kolkata 2023
  3. Conclusion

Why is Choose The Best NEET Coaching Institutes from Kolkata in 2023?

Kolkata is one of the most seasoned metropolitan urban communities in the country which has a tremendous populace of youth and comprises more extensive open doors for development and advancement.

It is one of the most evolved Eastern urban areas which lead to the shift of numerous youthful people from various states. For example, various students from the nearby states like Bihar and Jharkhand come to Kolkata to get trained by the best NEET Coaching centers In Kolkata. If you are living in Kolkata or nearby areas, you can take the opportunity and get an improved result.

Top NEET Coaching Centers In Kolkata 2023

1. Aakash Medical Institute for NEET Coaching In Kolkata

Aakash Medical Institute was established in 1998 in Kolkata. Hence it is one of the oldest NEET coaching centers in this area. It has procured eminent appreciation in the field of training and education by giving high-quality NEET Exam Preparation training to students.

Aakash Medical Institute is one of the main 10 Neet coaching organizations laid out in Kolkata, The organization helps the students for undergrad clinical selection tests by giving their best clinical training to roughly 10,000 students consistently. The success rates of this institution are also very appreciable.

Features and Benefits

The scholastic of this NEET coaching center is all around planned through a legitimate report timetable and they give various clumps accessible to the student. Their modern learning process ensures complete powerful and effective learning. 

Different coordinated courses are accessible for the students to complete their education as per their conveniences and some of them are referenced beneath.

  • Incorporated courses for 3 – 4 yrs.
  • Incorporated courses for 2 to 3 years
  • Coordinated courses for 1 to 2 years
  • Intense training
  • Repeater courses
  1. This Academy involves a pragmatic methodology while educating as it instills a feeling of reasonable knowledge into them.
  2. The Institute gives test series and practice papers to direct the students to progress.
  3. Each batch comprises less number of students which builds the proficiency of the classes led by the foundation.
  4. The review materials are ready under the direction of an accomplished and experienced group of educators.
Fees Structures

Not Disclosed.

Contact Details of Aakash Medical Institute for NEET in Kolkata

Phone – 088000 13151

23, Circus Ave, opposite Jhaal Farezi Restaurant, Lower Range, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017


2. IG Career Institute for NEET Coaching In Kolkata

IG Career Institute is here in Kolkata since 2016 and producing a series of successful NEET ranking candidates. Once more, this Coaching center is additionally one of the first-class NEET training centers in Kolkata which have been effectively dominating in the field of prepping hopeful newcomers.

It has begun its activity with limited strength and plausibility and presently ended up being one of the most promising training organizations in Kolkata. It is providing the best nature of education and training during the presentations of various degrees of assessments.

One of the most distinguished features of this NEET coaching institute is that the charges of its courses are very affordable. Anyone can compare the NEET course fees with similar other institutions and get a clear picture.

Features and Benefits

  • Furnishes you with a deliberate and efficient training approach that is effectively legitimate.
  • Admittance to free internet-based test series that will help trust in students.
  • Online and Offline mode of training for NEET and JEE.
  • Customary uncertainty clearance meetings are that significant of ordinary classes.
  • The instructors are so amicable and continually contribute the greatest in the planning of students for various degrees of assessments.
  • It gives a solid and serious learning environment that has the student develop their general abilities.
  • It fosters a propensity for practicing different types of questions via giving a booklet of reasonable inquiries including previous year’s question papers.
Fee Structures:-

Standalone Subject-wise:-

  1. ₹1000/- per month for the students of class VII, VIII, IX, and X of all educational boards for each subject (Physics / Chemistry / Biology).
  2. ₹1200/- per month for the students of class XI, and XII of all educational boards for each subject (Physics / Chemistry / Biology).

Complete Course

  • ₹6000/- per month for NEET aspiring students. All subjects (Physics / Chemistry / Biology) are taken care of.
Contact Details of IG Career Institute for NEET In Kolkata
  1. Contact Number:- 91-983-165-8194
  2. WhatsApp: +91-877-782-1769

Address:- 1/A Chakraborty para, Rahara, Khardaha, Kolkata:- 700118, West Bengal.. India.


3. Toppers Academy Best NEET Coaching In Kolkata

Toppers Academy is one of the best NEET Coaching centers in Kolkata. This foundation is likewise one of the long-existed coaching organizations based in the city. Their only object is to grant information without any preparation that will give the students a superior handle of thoughts.

This opportunity will help their trust in their subjects. This organization has had the option to fabricate a solid establishment, practically on an equivalent balance with the other prestigious NEET coaching institutions In Kolkata.

Toppers Academy is one of the longest-existing NEET coaching centers in Kolkata and has been furnishing the superb nature of education and training. The reason to consider so is it supports the trust of each student in their fields that boast with ceaseless endeavors till the last assurance. The establishment gives legitimate motivations to the student to settle on a suitable decision.

Features and Benefits

  • It comprises accomplished and expert educators who give generally speaking information to various subjects pertinent to the course.
  • It for the most part comprises the classes with Limited group size, Best NEET preparation in Kolkata.
  • It gives a solid serious climate that empowers students to develop their separate appearances and disposition towards scholastic.
  • Refreshed Study Material,
  • Intelligent Live Classes,
  • Free Booklets for IIT JEE, and NEET
  • Magazine Analysis
  • Question clearing classes
  • Answer composing practice meetings
  • Occasional Tests series on refreshed NEET and Medical region
  • Standard input stories
  • Restricted Batch Size: 30 to 35 students for NEET yearly.
  • Standard Guidance
Fee Structures
  • Rs. 60,000 +18% GST For 6 Month Course.
  • Rs. 1,20,000 + 18% GST For 1 Year Coursers.
  • 3,00,000 +18% GST For 2 Year Course
Contact Details of The Toppers Academy for NEET in Kolkata

Phone: 098316 69639

Address: 101 / A.G.T. Road (West), Serampore, Hooghly, West Bengal 712203


4. AIIMS Ranker NEET Coaching In Kolkata

AIIMS Rankers is one of the best NEET coaching centers in Kolkata. It is one of the most prestigious training communities in Kolkata which gives NEET preparation and training with an expert team of highly qualified professionals.

The Faculties are consistently at the help of students. It gives a stage to the educators as well as the students to dissect each other’s points of view which incorporate conveying invigorating talks alongside an agreeable comprehension during classes.

AIIMS Rankers Institute assumes a fundamental part in working on the scholastic abilities of the student. They apply their experiences of training and teaching from their previous year’s student assessment and success rates.

Features and Benefits

The institution gives a focal focus to the course of the NEET examination with the viewpoint of conveying the most ideal information to the students and assisting them with getting positive results in the assessment. 

They assume the part of the professional guide and serve all the necessary information on various points.

  • Long projects for 3 – 4 yrs
  • Moderate projects for 3-2 yrs
  • Standard projects for 1-2 yrs.
  • Brief training
  • Repeater Courses.
  • Reasonable Teaching Facility
  1. A high-tech training environment presented with the commencement of online classes to give comfort to the students.
  2. Test series led on a standard recurrence to assessment and execution of the students.
  3. Intuitive meetings by the specialists to give viability in planning to the assessment.
  4. Motivational disposition and amicable conduct of the staff during directing classes.
Fee Structures

Not Disclosed.

Contact Details of AIIMS Ranker NEET Coaching Institute In Kolkata

Contact No:-070035 57150


Madhuban Apartment’, 3/3 S.N. Banerjee Road, Chiriamore, Barrackpore, Kolkata -700120, West Bengal.


5. The Hindu Zone for NEET Coaching In Kolkata

The Hinduzone is among one of the best NEET training institutes in Kolkata. The Hindu Zone Institute is another incredible coaching center that is giving the best nature of training to the wannabe Doctors in Kolkata and surrounding areas through offline and online mediums of training.

They have been contributing their most extreme exertion and devotion towards the betterment of students who wants to be a great Doctor. So, that they can serve the people for their health interests, and be in the service of society.

The Hindu Zone Coaching Center in Kolkata runs with the point of view of arriving at the most successful students in the nation by giving various projects in various medical fields.

Features and Benefits

  • Clinical Entrance Examination groundwork for NEET AIIMS Test
  • Long projects for 3 – 4 yrs
  • Moderate projects for 3-2 yrs
  • General projects for 1-2 yrs.
  • Compressed lessons
  • Repeater Courses.
  • Designing placement test’s groundwork for JEE mains, JEE progressed, and so on
  • Long projects for 3 – 4 yrs
  • Moderate projects for 3-2 yrs
  • Normal projects for 1-2 yrs.
  • Intensive lessons
  • Common Services Examination Preparation
  • Optional instruction from 9 – 12.

Other Benefits

The amicable conduct of the educators empowers the student to foster a sensation of belonging towards their organization with which they can contribute their greatest capacity. The Study material guarantees 100 percent accomplishment of the course schedule alongside reasonable information with pragmatic inquiries.

The test series led by the foundation assumes an indispensable part in the training of various assessments which help in supporting resolve and give inspires during the period. The accessibility of various types of classes makes a sound environment in the class that incorporates conversation and prompts a superior comprehension for the learners.

Fee Structure
  • 6 Months Course Fee – Rs. 70,800/-
  • 12 Months (1 Year) Course Fee – Rs. 1,41,600/-
  • 24 Months (2 Years) Course Fee – Rs. 3,54,000/-
  • 36 Months (3 Years) Course Fee – Rs. 4,72,000/-
Contact Details of The Hindu Zone NEET Exam Coaching In Kolkata

Contact No: +91 8800222298 / 7827048964

Address: C 59, 3rd Floor, Sector 2, Pocket- I, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


6. Gyanaj NEET Coaching Institute in Kolkata

One of the most presumed training establishments ever is Gyanaj which is situated in Kolkata. It is among the Best NEET coaching institutes in Kolkata. This organization is the most respected and long-existed establishment in the area of competitive training classes.

Gyanaj has presented many successful NEET students over the previous years, hence adding to the number of great rankers on their achiever’s list. It helps in various ways to foster general information on the student’s expectations.

Features and Benefits

There are many motivations behind why the students have the greatest confidence in this organization over the years.

  • Best faculties, everything being equal.
  • Restrained and exceptional learning.
  • Ceaseless tests that will assimilate a feeling of consistency in students.
  • Ideal conduction of Parent-Teacher gatherings for legitimate direction.
  • Each cluster with fewer numbers of students stays steady.
  • Customized education with solid and compelling conversations during the classes.
  • Test series and Mock Tests
  • Conduction of test series consistently guarantees exam preparedness.
  • It comprises of troublesome inquiries to set up the student from the base work to proper levels.
  • The mock tests are directed in the similar example of assessments to be held to give the students a feeling of the real NEET exam.
  • It comprises of last year’s question papers to get ready students with 100 percent clarity.
Fee Structure

Not Disclosed

Contact Details of Gyanaj NEET Exam Coaching In Kolkata

Contact Number:- +91 9318362700

Address:- C-59, Third Floor, Near metro station, sec – 15 &16, NOIDA, U.P


7. IIT Zone Tutorials Institute for NEET Coaching In Kolkata

IIT Zone is another but great NEET Coaching center in Kolkata. Their total faculty team focuses on each student, subsequently assisting them with improving and setting weight on their feeble areas of study. To get a good score in the examination on the first attempt, this is a perfect place to start your journey.

It gives a steady and general review example to the student which helps in working on their abilities and information and places weight on their frail areas of review. It is a stage where students get a decent nature of schooling under the direction of greatly qualified and experienced personnel of instructors.

Features and Benefits

The Institution conveys ideal information during the period under the training to energize the students for their better outcomes in the assessment. The specific detail of the coaching foundation are referenced as follows:

  • It gives the best foundation that aids in giving a useful area to concentrate.
  • The Faculties are exceptional with the information and henceforth they know how to manage student’s understanding.
  • The Academy gives a moderate group size for each batch to such an extent that each student can get proper attention from the trainers.
  • The study and review materials are ready under the ideas to furnish all the calculated information alongside illustrative models for better preparations.
  • The test series help in keeping up with the coherence and stability in anticipation of Competitive Level Examinations.
  • Standard Guidance

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick this NEET Academy?

  1. This foundation furnishes you with the best framework that aids in giving you a useful environment to study and prepare.
  2. The Faculties are exceptional with the information, consequently, they know how to manage students’ agreement.
  3. This foundation gives a group size of 30 students for each cluster.
Fees Structure

Not Disclosed

Contact Details of IIT Zone Tutorials NEET Coaching In Kolkata

Contact Number: 09830801666

Address 46/32 Becharam Chatterjee Road, Behala, Kolkata – 700034, West Bengal.


8. Rajeev Classes Best NEET Coaching In Kolkata

The Rajeev Classes for JEE and NEET Coaching were established in 2013 in Kolkata. It was established by Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh, hence it is called by his name. Within some years, this NEET coaching center has come to prominence as one of the best in Kolkata.

This institute is truly outstanding and has made a name for itself. In India Today, Aaj Tak News, and Taaza TV news channel, this institute was featured. Mr. Rajeev Singh was also invited to Taaza TV where he gave some useful tips for the Chemistry subjects.

The foundation has been laid out to improve the efficiency and capacity of the student on accomplishing their singular necessities and prerequisite for scholarly influence. The Perks of getting admission into this training organization is that the students would be qualified to gain admittance to various types of courses.

Features and Benefits

The establishment offers different types of assistance to the students to accommodate them with improving their insight and abilities during a period.

  • E-learning facilities for different subjects.
  • Guardians are educated with regards to the month-to-month execution.
  • Elite correction classes to fabricate a firm base for the students.
  • The number of students in a batch is limited.
  • Separate classes help in laying out better communication among educators and students.
  • The review material gives total information connected with various subjects.
  1. The coaching center gives preference to the singular necessities and provides students every one of the advantages to satisfy such prerequisites.
  2. There are balanced meetings organized by the instructors to keep up with the network with students to help them.
  3. Various types of training methods are applied to train students.
  4. Students get great study materials and classes that led to guarantee viable and effective learning.
Fee Structure

Not Disclosed.

Contact Details of Rajeev Classes for NEET in Kolkata

Contact No: 9830751948/9073064357

Address:- 6/1/1E, Anil Mitra Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019, West Bengal.


9. Resonance Institute of NEET Coaching In Kolkata

Resonance Institute has acquired prominent appreciation in the field of NEET coaching in Kolkata. Their direction has ended up being a strong weapon in embellishment the eventual fate of the students into their best shape gives the best NEET preparations.

Resonance Institute is an organization that gives various courses to their students in the field of training to expand their capacity and ability. It enables the students to move towards the accomplishment of their dream target of scoring great results in the clinical selection test of NEET. The training foundation centers around supporting the assurance of the students and fulfilling their necessities as indicated by their abilities.

Features and Benefits

  • The study center empowers the students to acquire knowledge in various subjects connected with concerning points.
  • The educators are agreeable and permit students to get themselves arranged with applied information by giving answers for their questions.
  • Appropriate intuitive meetings from the specialists are coordinated to give clearness in the vision of students that are connected with the groundwork for assessments.
  • The review materials furnished by the foundation are refreshed with all the information connected with various subjects. It helps to keep up with the capacity to rehearse troublesome questions after exact clarifications.
  • Experiences of the foundation have begun its procedure on a limited scale and today have grown up to be a known name in the field of education and training for NEET in Kolkata.
  • The little batch sizes of classes show less disarray and better lucidity connected with various subjects.
  • The admittance to pre-recorded tuition accommodated amendments connected with various points for little lengths.
  • Appropriate time plans are given connected with the leaders of various classes from various resources to keep up with proficiency.
Fees Structures

Not Disclosed.

Contact Details of Resonance Institute for NEET in Kolkata

Contact Details:- 18008904409

Address: 1-AJC Bose Road, 2nd Floor, Lord Sinha Road, Kolkata – 700020, West Bengal.

P-193/1 CIT, SCHEME VII-M, Ultadanga Main Road, Near Ultadanga Foot Bridge, Kolkata – 700067, West Bengal.


10. Pathfinder Academy for NEET Coaching In Kolkata

Pathfinder Academy is additionally one of the top of the line NEET Coaching centers in Kolkata dominating in the field of training promising competitors. It has more than 30 years of training experience in this field and is one of the oldest such institutions in Kolkata.

They are conveying their great nature of training to the students and assist them with dominating in various scholastic fields that include NEET Exam preparations in Kolkata. It has fostered its foundation with Advanced Technological prowess to give the most extreme contribution to the students.

The test readiness and planning of the academy guide the student in an ideal configuration. The organization is running under the management of highly accomplished and experienced proficient educators. These people are continually propelling the student to review and assist them with securing a decent rank in the NEET examination.

Features and Benefits

The particular features of the academy that assist the student with performing great and secure great imprints in the assessment are as per the following:

  • Furnishes you with a precise and efficient coaching approach that is effectively reasonable.
  • Admittance to free web-based test series that will support trust in students.
  • Confusion clearing meetings are pretty much as significant as would be expected in all classes.
  • Each cluster comprises fewer students.
  • Solid study materials that provide precise information and illustrative models for better understanding.
  • Friendly environment to guarantee students develop their general knowledge connected with various subjects for the important courses.
Fees Structures

Not Disclosed

Contact Details of Pathfinder NEET Coaching in Kolkata

Contact No:- +91 7044477304 / 9748931430

Address:- 96K, S.P. Mukherjee Road, Hazra More, Kolkata-700026, West Bengal.



In India, the vast majority of the students from their childhood seek to become a Doctor. Hence many of them have this fantasy about clearing the NEET examination to become top clinical experts in their field. But, it’s not very easy to do so.

But, proper study and training can allow them to crack the NEET examination and made a decent ranking. This is why NEET coaching Institutes in Kolkata are there to assist these students so that can move on towards their greatest dream and be accomplished doctors.

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