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All You Need to Know About WBJEE

What is WBJEE?

We all know about the Joint Entrance Examination which is called JEE in short. This is a test for getting admission to various technical undergraduate courses in India. Similarly, West Bengal Government has a similar type of test to undergo technical undergraduate courses. It is called WBJEE.

It is West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination that we know as WBJEE in short. This test is administered by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board which is regulated by the West Bengal State Government.

History of WBJEE at a Glance

In the year 1962, the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board (WBJEEB) was established by the West Bengal Government. The purpose of this establishment was to conduct the Joint Entrance Examination for admission to all kinds of Engineering, Medical, and Technical Colleges in the State.

Later, in the year 2014, under “West Bengal Act XIV of 2014” the board has got the status of statutory body. It has got the power to conduct examinations for admission to any undergraduate professional colleges or universities in West Bengal.

About the Examination

The first WBJEE test was conducted in 1962 when WBJEEB was formed. Since then each year the test was conducted. Each year only once it is conducted, but there is no limit to try.

Mode of Examination

The mode of the examination is offline and it is OMR (optical Mark Reader) based.

Subjects, Papers, and Marks Distribution

There are three subjects, – Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. But, the test consists of two papers only. One is Mathematics with 75 questions and 100 marks. Another paper consists of Physics and Chemistry subjects, with 40 questions each, and 100 marks. It has a total of 200 marks.


Both Mathematics and Physics/Chemistry papers are divided into 3 different categories,

  • Category 1: Mathematics – 50 questions; Physics, and Chemistry – 30 questions in each subject.
  • Category 2: Mathematics – 15 questions; Physics, and Chemistry – 5 questions in each subject.
  • Category 3: Mathematics – 10 questions; Physics, and Chemistry – 5 questions in each subject.

Mode of Answer

All questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format. Students will be given four individual options for each question. They can answer the correct one by darkening the applicable circle.

Duration of the Test

The duration for the examination is 2 hours each on every paper.

When Student Can Appear for the Test?

Only after completing 12th grade or Higher Secondary education, students can appear for the WBJEE test. Only the students who studied pure science can apply. Pure Science consists of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects.

Top Colleges and Universities under WBJEE

After getting rank in the WBJEE, the students get the chance to study in top technical colleges and universities in the state of West Bengal. Here, you can find the names of these prestigious institutions.

  • Jadavpur University, Total Seat – 792.
  • Bengal Engineering and Science University, total seat – 450.
  • Institute of Engineering and Management, total seat – 270.
  • Kalyani Government Engineering College, total seat – 300.
  • Heritage Institute of Technology, total seat – 630.
  • Haldia Institute of Technology, total seat – 700.
  • Techno India, total seat – 600.
  • Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, total seat – 360.
  • RCC Institute of Information Technology, total seat – 240.
  • Netaji Subhas Engineering College, total seat – 766.

Competition in WBJEE

200,000 to 300,000 students appear in the WBJEE examination every year. Total 200 marks are there. 180 or more score is regarded as a very good score in WBJEE test; 130-179 is noted as a good score; 100-129 is seen as moderate or average score, and anything less than 100 is observed as a low score.

similarly getting rank under first 1000 students is regarded as very good rank; 1001-15,000 position will be seen as good rank; 15,001 to 30,000 is noted as above average rank; 30,000-40,000 is known as average rank; and anything after 40,001 will be termed as bad ranking in WBJEE.

Preparing for the Examination

Although the WBJEE examination looks tough, it is relatively easy to crack the test. But, to get a very good ranking, students must prepare themselves and work hard. Students can also join good-quality WBJEE preparation courses online in Kolkata and get expert guidance.

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